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Welcome to The World of Teo! Do you want to learn how to bake your own bread? Or help Teo to do the grocery shopping? Would you like to make a beautiful picture and send it to anybody you want?

Discover these and plenty more games that will help you learn in a fun way!

-15 games
-In Castilian, Catalan or English
-365 puzzle pieces
-165 new words to learn and increase your vocabulary
-Send your drawings to your friends
-Age adaptive level
-Teaching Guides available

What will you find in this application?

-Tag along Teo through different scenarios in his neighborhood and find plenty of games in each of them which will entertain you and help you learn;
-Visit the different posts in the market and help Teo find the foods on the list to complete the grocery shopping.
-In the bakery you can follow the steps indicated by Teo to make the dough and bake your own bread... But be careful, don't burn it!
-In the store, will you be able to find the uniform corresponding to each profession?
-In the "Red light or green light?" you must tag along Teo and his family to different parts of the neighborhood. Look closely at the traffic lights: if they are in you need to stop and wait for them to turn green!
-At Teo's house you can go to the different rooms to find the following games:
-In the bathroom, you can help Teo bathe: first the shampoo, then the body gel, but beware! The water mustn't be too cold or too hot.
-After the meal, Teo must brush his teeth, can you help him? Rub with energy and help Teo rinse properly!
-Teo's room is a mess! Help him put everything in its place, sweep and mop the floor until it's all shiny.
-Help Teo and Clara get dressed! Look out the window, depending on the weather you should choose the most suitable clothes for them.
-In the kitchen you can learn to eat well: help Teo put the foods that go falling in the basket in order to complete a healthy menu.
-At school, Teo proposes fun activities such as drawing, writing and counting:
-Choose among models that are fun to draw and color.
-Such a pretty drawing! Surely you want to share it! In The World of Teo you can save your drawings and send them to anybody you want.
-Learn with Teo to trace correctly the numbers and letters in a fun game with different difficulty levels.
-Help Teo count, add and subtract the different objects that appear in the classroom.
-In all scenarios in The World of Teo you will find a vocabulary game: look at the picture and arrange the letters to form words. There are 165 words you can complete!
-Every game you complete will award you a prize: a piece of the puzzle. Assemble 365 pieces to complete all the puzzles we have prepared for you!

Quality educational content

-All games have been developed following teaching units proposed by specialists widely recognized in the school community in order to transmit to parents and educators the utmost rigor.
-The content and the degree of difficulty will adapt to the level of each player in order to keep them constantly motivated.
-Tutorials for each game are included so that adults can guide the little ones in learning their habits while they play.

Multilanguage options

Read and listen to the texts in Castilian, Catalan or English. You can switch languages whenever you like!


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El Mundo de Teo - Learn and play with Teo
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El Mundo de Teo
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